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Welcome to the Broadcom Mainframe Software Communities where you can learn, connect and share with other users as well as our own product experts. Our Mainframe Software product communities are listed below. Visit the ones that you're interested in and make sure that you join them and set your email preferences. 

I would also encourage you to visit and join our Broadcom Mainframe Software Community and our Mainframe Education Community for important announcements and information.

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    Yep - the behaviour with wildcarded MLWTOs (if the message spec doesn't end in an * so that they enable) seems to be exactly as expected. OPSSEND though doesn't work with MLWTOs, only sending the last ...

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    I can confirm that wildcards anywhere but as last char will work in a MLWTO msg rule. We have several JES2 rules that read )MSG *HASP... MLWTO that works just fine and have so for years ------------------------------ ...

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