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    Welcome to the new Broadcom Mainframe Software Communities! If you're here, you already know the benefits of learning, connecting and sharing knowledge and experience with other users as well as our own product experts. 

    I'm still be making updates to all of our communities now that the main migration is complete but all of your content has been brought over.

    As always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me directly: lenn.thompson@broadcom.com 

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  • Additional security related documentation that might be useful is provided under Security Settings in the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS product documentation. Here is the link: Security Settings Thanks, Cindy Hamm.

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  • Francisco, Please open a case under Sysview for DB2. This is not something that can be easily addressed in a Community Post. It will require more research on our side. Regards, Diane

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  • Learn how to efficiently execute migrations, accommodate database alterations and automate repetitive tasks when using the Broadcom/CA RC/Merger feature. The attached brief explains the advantages of using the RC/Merger feature move analysis processing ...

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  • CA Database Management Solutions 20.0 for z/OS Incremental Release update DBM 20 GA IR 8 was made available March 29, 2019. PTF # SO07807 . With this announcement, note that DBM 20 GA IR 8 will be the last incremental update (bundled group of ...

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