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  • The Next Endpoint Management Virtual User Group

    Come join us at the Endpoint Management Virtual User Group on October 19, 2021. There will be two sessions that day so please pick the session that works for your time zone!

    EMEA Endpoint Management User Group - 14:00 British Summer Time

    AMS Endpoint Management User Group - 10:00 am Pacific | 1:00 pm Eastern

    Register today and find out what’s new and coming up for ITMS and Ghose Solution Suite as well as some best practices. Be sure to join us!

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  • pectagent.log [2021/10/13 12:26:11.203 1664:1668 <TRC>] DSUniqueID: Failed to read value 'Value' from 'D:\Windows\AeXNSAgent.ini', error: The system cannot find the file specified (0x00000002) SMP.log <event date='10/13/2021 12:28:18.9730000 ...

  • Thanks! Please take a look into pectagent.log and smp*.log files for any errors or warnings during pectagent boot. Errors and warnings are marked by tags severity='1'  and severity='2'  in SMP.log files.

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  • Posted in: Deployment Solution

    Life would get a lot simpler if there were a way to flash an LPe12002 HBA from the efi shell. So far I can find no efi tool that can do this. Is there such a thing? Regards, Stefan

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    Imaging systems in Azure

    Posted in: Deployment Solution

    We are planning a roll out of Azure at my company and I am looking for any information on processes folks have used for build new VMs in Azure or deploying images on Azure systems. ------------------------------ PAREXEL Informatics ----------------- ...