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  • The Next Identity Security User Group is on Oct 21!

    Be sure to register today for the next Identity Security Virtual User Group meeting on October 21! After the keynote session, Our Native Cloud Journey, we’ll have three breakout sessions to choose from: Identity and Access Management, API Management, Privileged Access Management.


    Make sure you sign up today!

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  • Hi As part of our continued effort to support industry standards, We are please to invite you to our newest BETA program where you will be able to configure Symantec Identity Manager and Identity Portal to support native federation SSO protocols without ...

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  • ok i managed to get SM_USER_APPLICATION_ROLES  with information. Obviously it only fills up when I log in with an IM-linked user of the userstore. I would like it to work for me also by logging in with ADN. So I used an attribute mapping like this ...

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  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    Hi to all, Is there a way to know which Tasks a user can call? I made a series of TEWS ... I would like a TEWS showing me which TEWS I can call. is there any way to do it? Thanks Marco

  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    Hi all, Currently I'm trying to create a workflow process, that consists in a two step approval. From the available OOTB templates I see that there is a  TwoStepApprovalProcess, that could fulfil my needs.  Now I have a requirement, that both step participant ...

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