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    Did you miss us?  The product management team has started a new series to help customers understand the new and enhanced features of ITMS. In January, they discussed the new Modern Device Management capabilities for MacOS, and in March discuss the CVE ID based patch management functionality - both of which were included in the IT Management Suite 8.6. RU2 release.

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  • Our technical support team regularly receives inquiries from long-time IT Management Suite (ITMS) customers asking how to change the domain or host name of the computer on which the Notification Server resides. The use case involving customers who ...

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  • Hello Thomas Mueller ! If I correctly understood your question, Server or client tasks "script" itself is in "State" column <![CDATA[]] As example of my "Run script on Server" task where command is 'systeminfo2' EXECUTE spLoadItemByGuidAndVersion ...

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  • Posted in: IT Management Suite

    Good day, I am looking for the recommended anti-virus exclusions to add to an NS server and a separate database server.  We are running Altiris 8.6.x. I found this article for an older version of Altiris.  Is this still applicable or is there an updated ...

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    Good morning, We have created a portal in workflow to allow support staff to make changes to IT assets. But the registration of the change through the portal is associated to the "system user" and not to the "logged in user". Can anyone help me with ...