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  • Attend the next Endpoint Management User Group

    Register today for the next Endpoint Management User Group on April 14, 2021. There are two sessions that day – one for Europe and one for North America so when you register select the one that works best for your time zone!

    EMEA Endpoint Management User Group - 14:00 BST

    AMS Endpoint Management User Group - 10:00 am PST | 1:00 pm EST

    Register today to find out what’s new in ITMS and GSS and what we’ve got planned.

  • Join our customer advocacy platform!

    You are invited to join Symantec Gold, our online customer advocacy platform. When you sign up, you’ll be able to participate in daily challenges where you provide product feedback, receive notifications about upcoming webinars, and so much more! Every challenge you do, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for some Symantec SWAG.

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  • I posted a while back and never got a helpful response.  I really don't want to type command switches every time.  I want a linux GUI that is working.  Please fix this or provide instructions on how we can get it to work with a graphical interface on ...

  • I had this issue when I installed GSS 3.3 RU3 last year and reached out to symantec technical support, they helped me figure out that it was the automation folder I had created that was the issue. I suggest checking out this video on automation folder ...

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