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  • CA Workload Automation Agent 11.5 General Availability

    We are pleased to announce that the CA Workload Automation Agent 11.5 release is now GA.

    New features for CA Workload Automation Agent R11.5 include: 

    • Enhanced security – Agent now provides the ability to restrict the use of a cryptkey.txt to a particular machine, to specify the owner and group accounts for installed files on UNIX and to restrict the access to the cryptkey.txt file to just owner and group on UNIX platforms.
    • Enhanced log administration – you can now specify the maximum length that an individual log message may be before having the message truncated.
    • Improvements to file scanning – A new file monitoring algorithm has been implemented to improve performance for File Watcher/File Trigger jobs.
    • CPU monitoring on multiple CPU machines without manually setting scalefactor – Agent checks for the number of CPUs on the machine dynamically whenever it calculates the machine CPU utilization and will report the CPU usage based off the load average by default. The workload automation engines no longer require manual configuration of the objmon.cpu.scalefactor setting for accurate CPU information.
    • Support for AdoptOpenJRE – On platforms where the agent install provided its own bundled Java runtime (Windows, Linux), there is now an option to install the bundled Java runtime (AdoptOpenJRE8) or specify an alternate Java runtime like Oracle JRE.
    • New OS and Platform support – Agent is now certified on Windows 2019, SuSe Linux 15 and RHEL Linux 8 OS platforms and PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.57.

    Please refer to the GA announcement letter for a complete list of all the details.

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