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  • With the introduction of Fabric Operating System (FOS) 8.2.0 Brocade came out with its RESTful API support.  For the last 18 months Brocade continues to expose more objects through the API to allow our customers a more modern way to interact with our platforms.  We introduced our PyFOS libraries and Utilities that can be found out at which are sanctioned by Brocade. 

    A number of resources are available to help you better understand our API approach.  One great way to start is taking our free education courses around Automation (API-220 and REST-320)

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    RE: stale alias/zone

    There isn't anything in FOS that performs that level of logic. Though the API you can read all the information necessary to make that determination. I already scripted something to perform this logic as well as generate a zoning report. From ...

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    stale alias/zone

    Hi, Was wondering if there is a command to list all alias/zone in the fabric that are offline or stale record. for example; my company decommissioned hosts over the years, and there are a lot of alias and zones that were never deleted. I like to run ...

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