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  • I missed creating the Boolean parameter on JRXML file - after i created and loaded the JRXML - its working now.

  • Here is an attempt (and I'm sure others can do better than this). If a timesheet exists (albeit with 0 hours on it) its ID is returned. If one doesn't then a zero comes back together with the resource and period IDs. A slight complication is that the ...

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  • Continuing our panel discussion with leading telecommunications companies, we wanted to explore how these businesses ensure their projects are ready to be delivered – that they have business and legal approval, that they’re appropriately scheduled and ...

  • What's New in Clarity 16.0.2? (Webcast) Improving the way you and your team work is our number one priority. We’ve been working hard to give you new enhancements. Learn about the most recent product updates and join in the fun of being more productive. ...

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  • Posted in: Clarity

    We are using classic Clarity.  I need to set up a process that would prevent a closed project / task from being submitted on a timesheet.  This occurs when a user adds the closed project / task before it is closed and made inactive.  The project / task ...

  • Posted in: Clarity

    Hi Where do we find the source for this $R - I mean there is some-text assigned to it. I need to modify that. Please advise.