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  • Hi Joseph, In <home>/config, There is a file called users.xml, there is the user admin. You can save the password as plain text, if you wish. Now, if you want to encrypt it, there are several ways, but the easiest one is to change the word true to false, ...

  • Hi Lynn, Any update on this? Query just per agent_name is a serius limitation which makes this feature unusable for deployments where we have Introscope deployed for years following the practice to uniquely identify the agents by full names ( agent_host|agent_process|agent_name ...

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  • We are pleased to announce the service availability of DX App Synthetic Monitor (formerly CA App Synthetic Monitor) release 10.2. This latest release aims to help improve the performance and reliability of your service. Please see below for specific ...

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  • Discover what's new in the latest release of DX Application Performance Management, including new AIOps capabilities, a radical new architecture, and continued capabilities to support today’s modern application architectures. Watch the on-demand webcast: ...

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