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  • Announcing the Release of APM 10.8

    As part of our long-term commitment to customers who would like to continue using APM 10.x, Broadcom would like to announce the release of Application Performance Management (APM) release 10.8. New features for the Application Performance Management release 10.8 include:
    • Next-generation APM agents (APM 10.8 is backwards compatible with older APM agents)
    • Application Monitoring: includes enhanced support for Java 11, .Net, PHP, NodeJS, New Agents for Python, SDK for Golang, and C++
    • Infrastructure Monitoring: includes 40+ OOTB extensions with broad coverage for databases, web servers, messaging, middleware, physical and virtual hosts, event logs, and API gateways
    • Database Monitoring: includes enhanced monitoring coverage, with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and NOSQL Databases
    • Latest security updates
    • Support for Postgres 13.4 and Oracle 19c
    • In-place upgrade on top of APM 10.7 SP3 HF84

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