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  • Hi Santi, Thank you for bringing up your concern here, and we do understand your concern. Most of the Plex IDE part (~90%) is based on C/C++ programming languages and the UI interfaces e.g. as you mentioned 'Object Browser', 'Panel Palette' etc. comes ...

  • Where you able to work your way out of this problem? as I am strugling with the same problem ! please help!

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  • Posted in: Plex 2E

    CA 2E commands like YWRKF and YGO work fine on our production IBM i, but I get " Product not correctly authorised" when using those commands on our HA IBM i. I created a case and applied keys, but I am still getting the error. We are not under maintenance. ...

  • Posted in: Plex 2E

    I have a function that is giving a debug error in our test environment (see image). The error is OB721NDG.DLL. I have Generated and Built the function with the debug options turned off. How do I find what function needs to be re Genned and Built?