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  • Webinar April 22, 8-9am PDT

    Symantec Identity Security:
    Innovation and Strategy for Your Success

    Presented by: Art Gilliland, SVP and GM of the Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom

    Clayton Donley, VP of Symantec Identity Security

    April 22, 8-9am PDT


    • The evolution of digital identity and what that means to your business
    • The move from network trust to micro-perimeters
    The future of securely connecting identities to applications

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  • Hi Luiz, just as you wrote you need to pass the user name and password in the request body (unless you turn that requirement off in the IM Management Console, but that opens up a big security hole). I'm also calling TEWS internally from PXs quite a lot ...

  • Hi Sudip, Have you checked your log and see if the log showing any error while campaign was created?  This is under assumption you have checked everything we have mention  during the previous post.  What is the site you are working on?     Best regards, ...

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  • Hi In our continued effort to allow our customers to use our products on the latest platforms, we are pleased to announce that we are now supporting Oracle 19c a as a supported database platforms for our Symantec IGA solutions (Identity Manager, Identity ...

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  • Hi In our continues effort to allow our customers to be able to use our products on the latest platforms, we are pleased to announce to we are now officially supporting CA Directory version 14.1 for our customers who run our v14.3 solution. Customers ...

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