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  • Symantec IGA – Troubleshooting Tasks-in-Progress Webinar

    Did you miss us?  Watch the replay as the Symantec IGA Team conducts a session on how to troubleshoot any Tasks In-Progress issues and help optimize your IGA environment. It will give you an understanding of all the ways tasks interact within IGA and your environment and give you a format to do a lot of self-service activities yourselves.

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  • Hi As part of our continued effort to support industry standards, We are please to invite you to our newest BETA program where you will be able to configure Symantec Identity Manager and Identity Portal to support native federation SSO protocols without ...

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  • Charly, Digging into the IGA 14.4 documentation, the following Install Connector Xpress 2.0 covers details on extracting and installing the package from the latest latest Identity Manager cumulative patch . I'm sure there are a few more Easter eggs ...

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  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    Dears, Need help to create arcot (Advance Authentication) connector and manage user (ArcotOTP-OATH) validity. Please share steps if someone has already achieve this. Thanks, Talha

  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    Dears, I want to make a private task where department manager have option to move active directory user to different OU's. we'd like to give OU list on screen to choose for moving the account. Thanks, Talha