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  • UJO_JOBST view would have the most of the details you're after but not the entire JIL.

  • Hi, I would like to extract the entire JIL of all my jobs from the DB BUT with a SQL request. I would like a backup every hour of the DB in CSV format with the status. the command autorep -J ALL -q is not suffisant and too long. Does someone could have ...

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  • Would like to know is there any patch to upgrade Autosys from v12 to v12.0.01?

  • We, like many on this community, experience what appears to be the well known issue with the WCC 11.4 collector function. We use WCC to monitor 4 instances of WAAE each of which contain upto 90,000 jobs in their database. Specifically, job statuses in ...

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  • Why AutoSys is so important in today’s cloud-first world Standfirst: Time and again, I am asked the same question: Is there still a role for AutoSys in today’s cloud-first world? The unequivocal answer is ‘yes’. Here’s why.   Why do you ...

  • Just like Christmas, we have all been waiting expectantly for it to happen and finally the day is here. The next great installment of AutoSys Workload Automation went GA (Generally Available) on June 26 th . Firstly we need to thank the legion of customers ...

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