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  • OFFICIAL Hi Pavel, In my experience, this happens when a "run" was missed This often happens when there is a mismatch in the defined days set to run the box, and the days defined for the job For example: the box is set to run every day, but the job is ...

  • Hi, I have a similar requirement to pull a report (list of job names and other details) of all the failed jobs in a day. Can that be achieved using autosys commands ? Appreciate your response. Regards Shankaran

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  • With Azure integrations, Automation by Broadcom provides end-to-end visibility and command and control for cloud processing. Read the blog ------------------------------ Jennifer Liharik Automation Product Marketing -------------------------- ...

  • AutoSys was released in the early 90s and it has stood the test of time, going through several acquisitions and numerous product updates. Broadcom has a strong following of highly engaged AutoSys customers who are running multi-billion dollar businesses ...