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  • Symantec PAM - Office Hours on January 23, 2024

    We would like to invite you to the upcoming PAM Office Hours. During this session, we will highlight a few PAM capabilities that customers may not be aware of, including:  Timeline based system health dashboards; Fine-grained, kernel level control of servers.  For example: block a user or process from elevating privileges (sudo) and preventing root from viewing a file

    The team is requesting feedback on upcoming capabilities:  RDP Sessions without a PAM Client - PAM Gateway for RDP; Live upgrades - upgrading without turning off the cluster.

    We look forward to speaking with you.

    Best, PAM Product Team

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  • Hello Ismael, There is a field utility called XSIE that can be used to retrieve the list of target accounts, with an option to include the password. It is not part of the product and Support can't commit to getting problems with it fixed, but it is being ...

  • Atifah At this point we do not have a PAMSC endpoint compiled for ARM CPUs and I am not aware of any future plans at this time. Joe

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  • Hi Everyone, Anyone came across A2A password retrieval failures during the clock change for daylight savings? One of our applications that does not use cache received 401 continuously for 50-60 minutes after the clock change and resolved automatically ...