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  • Layer7 API Management - March Office Hours

    For those of you who tried to connect to the March Office Hours - the Layer7 team would like to offer our deepest apologies - a technical glitch caused login information to not be sent.  We will host our April Office Hours on April 15th, and we're sending a direct email to each of you to ensure that we do not have this issue occur again.

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  • Just wanted to say a huge thanks to both responses. Both were very helpful. I was able to combine the example from the Broadcom tech documentation (see encode_decode_jwt_example_policy.xml ) with the OKTAAuth.xml (see other response) to get my first ...

  • We have migrated the policies by export / import and it still functions. But there is no more information available. So I think it is officially not supported in Version 10. ------------------------------ SR. System Engineer RDW ----------------- ...

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  • Hi i am creating a service endpoint using restman. I am  Setting https routing assertion using <L7p:ProtectedServiceUrl stringValue=${swagger.redirect}/> but after service is created i see  empty URL

  • Hello Everyone, We are using Portal 5.0 and looking to explore APIHub, but as we noticed the documentation of API is viewable only after user logs in and only first login page is customizable (as I understand)? Are there any options to display public ...

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    Layer 7 Office hours

    We are happy to announce the start of a new regular customer event for our Layer7 (API Management customer) Layer7 Office hours is no agenda session where customers and partners can ask questions in a virtual call where experts will be there to answer ...

  • As part of our effort to keep our customers up to date and get continuous feedback, we will begin providing updates on our development work in progress for each Program Increment (known as a "PI") here in the Layer7 Community. We invite you to provide ...

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