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  • Want to learn more about SiteMinder 12.8.06?

    Learn about the new features of SiteMinder 12.8.06 and what that it means to you! Key new features include metadata tags for improving governance and knowledge of your SiteMinder environment; HSM support for private keys used for federation; and integration with the microservice, cloud-ready VIP Authentication Hub, which is controlled release for SiteMinder customers.  

    Also, check out the three purpose-built videos that cover the HSM Support for Private Keys, JWT Bearer Grant Support, and How to Add Metadata to Objects.  
  • The Next Identity Security User Group is November 18th!

    Be sure to register today for the next Identity Security Virtual User Group meeting on 18th November ! After the keynote session, Our Cloud Native Journey, we’ll have three breakout sessions to choose from: Identity and Access Management, API Management, Privileged Access Management.


    Make sure you sign up today!

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